How Hard/Easy It Is For A New Startup Business

It’s the era of technology, and every new business is just eager to use all those marketing tools and possibilities to promote their activity. However, things are not always that easy.

startup-business-diagramMarketing will be something entirely different for new retailer business, because if for everything else there are patterns that you can easily follow, for marketing one must reach out through every available channel and make one’s voice heard.

Starting a new retailer business doesn’t mean just setting up a store where you sell something. No matter if the said store is in a very big market or a mall, one must generate interest in order to get more footfall that is actually transformed in sales.

Let’s see some startup challenges that each has to face at some point.

Be Present in the Online Environment

What is recognized to be successful is online clothing. This industry has reached sales of more than $9 billion, and it keeps growing. Selling clothes online, combined with good marketing strategies – like a good website, presence on social media, online interactive stores – made the numbers increased so much, that it is easy to think that almost anyone can have a new start up in this niche. It is not wrong, but neither is it right, because of all the reason stated above.

Understanding Is Essential

A simple online search can lead to lots of visits. People now ask questions before shopping, or better said – first check the product online. An online store (or website) will always be able to keep track of visitors. In addition, based on this, one can see what catches the interest of the viewer. For maximizing this opportunity, this info can be transformed into more sales, more traffic and more visitors. How? Simple – understanding that what peoples search is what peoples need. And if you know their needs, then you can business-growth_in_zimbabwe-21meet them easier.

Knowing and understanding your customers will let you develop something close to a personal marketing strategy – you will target specific groups of people who are really interested in what you have to offer. You don’t need to stress everybody out – just pinpoint to those who care or want your offers.

No matter if it is organized a low cost shopping session, or based on coupons or flyers, if advertised correctly, the business will succeed.

Set Up Location

This is also another problem for retailers, no matter if they are old or new in business. Today’s world doesn’t allow most of people to loose time and money to get to a certain store. So if the store is 40 miles away, no matter how well stocked it may be, people will look around for another closer store. Time means money, and if one looses both, then it is not profitable.

Because of this, there are more than 20,000 places where are shops in UK, but only about 5% of them make a difference or are of importance. Some are still loyal to those shops and some people now prefer to make online shopping. But no matter what people think they want, if the location is accessible for as many as possible, and the market strategies are strong, then counting the footfall will give you numbers hard to keep up with.

Final Conclusions

Business-Planning-How-to-Start-Your-Business-on-the-Right-TrackWhat any retailer should keep in mind is that times have changed and people are gaining more and more knowledge through every mean available. Also, having so many options, they can – and will – check the items online and only after this is done, will they go and buy it. not only this, but they will choose how to buy it – from the store or ordering it online.

More and more stores are attracting customers with ‘special offers’ – known as incentives, these will likely attract more than the usual number of shoppers. And because all people like posting updates on social platforms, there is the environment that has all this kind of information.

And last, but not the least, follow the evolution of m-commerce and offer people what they want. If buying online will get easier, this is where their attention will be first. Second, an offer that stands both online and in-store will be stronger than any other incentive used by competition.